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How to Brush Your Teeth

See our video from Dr Nipuni on how to brush your teeth. With a very adorable co-host she takes you through the basics. At your next check up and clean appointment – ask us how. We love to share this dental hygiene information.


Hi Everyone, this is Dr. Nipuni from KR Dental. Today I’m bringing to you a little video showing the proper oral hygiene technique, so how to effectively brush and floss your teeth. So first we’ll go through brushing. Main thing to keep in mind about brushing is to make sure that you’re actually cleaning all the surfaces of your teeth.

So a proper brush should take around 2 minutes to complete. There are three surfaces of the tooth that you have to brush. The outside towards the cheek, the inside and the tops of the teeth where you chew.

I’ll start brushing from the very back tooth on one side and you want to angle your brush so that your bristles are about 45 degree angle into the gum line there, with the gentle pressure not too hard so the bristles can actually enter that small gap between the gum and the teeth.

And now you start brushing with small circular gentle strokes just like this just brush all the way around and when you get to the end on the other side remember to actually go around the back of that tooth as well so that’s an area that still needs to be brushed. Then you want to keep going from the inside you still need to do those circular motions to clean near the gum line. Now when you get around to the front teeth you can actually switch your brush around  that you’ve got a vertical hold, makes it a lot a lot easier then you’ll come around to the tops of the teeth this one’s quite easy you can just do a forward and backward side-to-side motion with the toothbrush.

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