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Dr Sandy Says – Emergency Treatments

See our video from Dr. Sandy Iyer the principal dentist at KR Dental and senior dental assistant Margret talk about Emergency Treatment. They also answer one of the questions that get asked a lot which is “Why is dentistry so expensive?”

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Dr. Sandy: So Margaret, one of the questions we get asked quite a lot is: “Why is dentistry so expensive”? What do you think?

Marg: Dentistry is not very expensive, it’s not expensive, it’s just neglect, people neglect.

Dr. Sandy: Yeah, you’re right. I find that you know I see sometimes come in and I haven’t seen them before or I haven’t seen them in years. They come in with a big facial swelling or they come in with a tooth that’s just so broken down. That there’s just no easy fix, it’s either an all or nothing approach at that stage and that’s what takes a long time to fix, that’s what takes a lot of expense to fix. So yeah I agree with you in a sense that it is really neglect that is expensive.

Dr. Sandy: But as you know sometimes life does get in the way and sometimes things happen unexpectedly and people do need to come in for emergency dental treatment don’t they Marg?

Marg: Yes they do.

Dr. Sandy: Yeah so here at KR Dental we really do pride ourselves as trying to be there for everybody that calls up. One of the things we do is, no matter what, we offer same-day emergency appointments for anybody who calls up requesting urgent dental treatment or somebody who’s in pain. We’re open late up to 7 pm three nights a week. So we will accommodate and we will try and fit in anybody that calls up needing that emergency treatment.

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