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Patient Stories


Smile Alert

Tailor-made smile to suit his personality and budget

“It’s my time now”- this patient said. We listened and we tailor-made a smile to suit his personality and his budget. Short course of Invisalign was used to move teeth. Composite Resin veneers were used to reshape and complete this beautiful smile. If you are looking for a sign to get the smile of your dreams- this is it!

Smile Makeover

The simplest of things produce the greatest of joy.

This lovely new mum presented to us wanting to improve her smile. Chipped teeth, discoloured teeth and gum inflammation are some of the dental conditions we see here. These are very common dental findings in most patients. A good clean, some take-home whitening and composite resin edge fillings were all that was needed to produce this lovely smile. Book your FREE smile makeover consultation with one of our experienced gentle dentists to find out what we can do for your smile!

Hump Day, Happy Smile

This patient presented to us with uneven smile and acid wear on teeth.

Invisalign, invisible braces, were used to correct the teeth positions. Composite resin veneers were used to treat acid wear. Another magnificent smile transformation by our dentists.

Invisalign Solution

Another gorgeous smile expertly crafted with Invisalign by our Dentists.

  • Attention to Detail
  • Obsession with perfection
  • Proven results
  • Free smile consult

Wedding Smile

This beautiful girl was due to be married in a few months’ time.

She came to us wanting to refresh her already lovely smile in time for her wedding. We made her upper teeth slightly longer to ensure the edges of her upper teeth are parallel to the lower lip- the hallmark of a youthful smile. Mild relapse of previous orthodontic treatment was corrected using Invisalign clear braces.