Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery in Kippa Ring

Many people consider oral surgery a painful procedure; however thanks to advances in modem cosmetic dentistry, oral surgeries have become quick and painless.

Major dental procedures such as tooth extractions, root canals or other oral surgeries are no longer extensive and painful. Advancements in modem cosmetic techniques and materials have improved the experience and the results for patients suffering severe dental pain or damage.

Reasons for requiring oral surgery:

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

If you are suffering swelling, extreme pain or discomfort or bleeding from the back of your gums, it is likely that your wisdom teeth are forming.

It is important to note that the extraction of wisdom teeth with oral surgery is not only common in teenagers and young adults. There is no specific age when wisdom teeth may need removal so regular dental visits are important to monitor the development of wisdom teeth.

Here at KR Dental we can assist you by giving you a wisdom tooth examination to determine the condition of your wisdom teeth and advise you on a suitable action. We also provide some in-chair wisdom tooth removal. In-chair removal is quick and painless and saves the need to visit an oral surgeon.

Broken or Cracked Teeth

Oral surgery may be required if you experience cracked or broken teeth. Cracked or broken teeth can be caused by a number of reasons and will leave the exposed tooth prone to infection and may cause damage to adjacent teeth if not attended to immediately.

In most cases, a simple root canal may be required to save the damaged tooth or teeth from dying and to prevent infection.

You should consult KR Dental immediately if your teeth are damaged or if you are suffering from extreme pain or sensitivity. Cracked or broken teeth can be caused by a number of reasons, however there are many common causes, including:

  • Sporting injuries
  • Eating hard foods
  • Heavy grinding or extreme pressure
  • Medical conditions

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